Salt Frames
Jan 19
Feb 02 2023
window installation in-person

Following 7 years of success participating in Toronto’s premiere design festival DesignTO, Sylvia Lee, Executive and Creative Director of The Goodman Studio, is launching ‘Salt Frames’, a series of three interior screens and two tables inspired by aerial images of salt fields.

DesignTO’s platform of presenting exhibits in shop windows has been a perfect platform for Lee over the last 7 years, which has seen her award winning glass installations featured in high profile Toronto galleries and showrooms. This year Lee is pleased to be partnering with luxury retailer CLEMENTINE’S, so customers and the community can see her new works during the day and illuminated at night.

Lee was inspired by aerial views of salt fields, which are sprawling, dynamically coloured fields of evaporating salt, geographically separated by levees. The bright and diverse colouring of the fields is varied by the salinity of each pond, and microorganisms change their hues as the salinity of the ponds change.

Lee says of her initial inspiration, “It seems incredible to me that the natural biology and chemistry of these salt fields paint the most delicate colour combinations. The levees that create the geometry around the fields are a human intervention creating an accidental stained glass appearance. I wanted to explore the colour and geometry of the salt planes in champagne glass. This particular glass is filled with tiny suspended organic bubbles, and feels perfect for this project.”

This newest incarnation is a collection of three vertical screens with geometric, suspended pieces of champagne glass secured on in a metal framework. Each has its own colourway inspired by the salt fields. They are beautiful as stand alone pieces, but when layered the coloured glass creates new and unexpected tones.


The Goodman Studio, Sylvia Lee


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Sylvia Lee
Detail of salt glass screen
Detail of salt table
Detail of salt glass screen
Detail of salt glass table