Second Life Sculpture
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

This environmental art project by Ron Wild set out to explore the second-life creative potential of scrapped building construction materials.

“Using recycled ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels salvaged from GTA construction site hoarding projects, I produced an assemblage (sculptural) installation in a traditional retail storefront on west Dundas Street. It shows the full range of artistic possibilities of panels normally used for hoarding, signage, and building facade applications.

A range of tools were used, from simple hand tools and popular power tools, to high-tech CNC milling equipment. The salvaged paneling is formed into shapes not normally associated with this thin, hard, flat architectural material. Voluminous shapes feature crisp clean fold lines in some cases, and smooth rounded bends in others. A variety of finishes, vinyl wraps, and paints were also tried.”

– Ron Wild

Ron Wild (aka Raw’n’ Wild) is a prolific experimenter and prototyper who frequently incorporates 21st century digital tools in producing his artworks. He’s producing more large public artworks (keeping more reclaimed composite panels out of the landfill in the process). Ron encourages artists, artisans, and makers to experiment with different applications of these composite panel materials.


Ron Wild


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metallic sculpture on a workbench with hand tools
flat cut and grooved panel on a wooden bench
closeup of connection reflecting colored lights
Square pieces interlocking around a pentagon opening
Top view of partially-folded geodesic dome on a red wall
Rough cut dome model on a desktop CNC machine bed