¡SHAMELESS! – IKEA Hacks 4 the rich** + The End of High Priests of Design.
Jan 24 2021
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The title is meant to be PROVOCATIVE — to get people’s attention. Everyone knows that IKEA hacks are accessible and affordable. With plenty of design education available on-line anyone who is willing to put in the work can become their own personal designer — who BETTER to design your own space than the person who knows you best?! With work-from-home, cut or reduced commute, and flexible scheduling it is easier than ever to carve out few hours a week to work on your own space. Start thinking like an IKEA Hacker!


‘I want to go Full Wes Anderson’ — The basic white BILLY bookcase is a perfect vehicle to transform your interior into a quirky, theatrical experience à la movie director Wes Anderson — we will create the  WILLIAM bookcase. Using the BILLY box with some basic trim, paired up with IKEA lighting and a splash of colour. And when we are done…YOU are the star of a great movie!


IKEA Hacking — Where do we go from here? We will examine the movement via the DELAKTIG project — history of the movement, ‘IKEA-hack folk culture’ and transformation required. This segment is aimed at those addicted to IKEA hacking — you just can’t get enough of a great deal!


Questions answered! YES! Tweet me! Anything… opinions, reviews, advice. I will dedicate a portion of the show to answering YOUR burning questions. Let’s do it!


Karol Kosnik


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