SHEEEP Radio: DesignTO Festival Edition
Jan 27 2024
DesignTO projectevent: talk in-person

To kick off the second season of SHEEEP Radio’s EX•PER•I•MENT•ER•S, join DesignTO for an open discussion with two mid-career and two emerging designers as they reflect on the realities of their design practices within and outside of architecture.

EX•PER•I•MENT•ER•S by SHEEEP Radio is a Q+A style monthly Instagram Live series featuring conversations with thinkers, doers and makers reflecting on their career paths. Hosted by artist and architect Reza Nik, each session is structured by the same six questions. For the DesignTO Festival, this will be SHEEEP Radio’s first in-person discussion. Topics will reflect and expand on past conversations, such as realizing personal aspirations while navigating the binding environment of the industry, embracing change, and adapting to explore new pathways.

SHEEEP is an experimental art and architecture studio based in Toronto directed by Reza Nik. The studio primarily works within community, education, activism, culture, public art and architecture. 

adé abegunde is a Nigerian producer and designer, based in Toronto. A recent graduate of OCAD University, she is one of the cofounders of local·global, a creative studio dedicated to documenting and archiving African stories from around the world. In addition to her role as a Programs Coordinator at DesignTO, adé also collaborates with DADA Magazine, New Currency and Camel Café.

Additional speakers to be announced.

The venue is located behind 178 Ossington Avenue, accessed by Foxley Place laneway.


‘SHEEEP Radio: DesignTO Festival Edition’ is organized by DesignTO in partnership with SHEEEP, and supported by the Government of Ontario. Venue provided by HomeCourt.

DesignTO is a non-profit arts organization that brings people together to design a better future, one that is more sustainable, just, and joyful. We curate exhibitions, presentations and educational programming to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of design.


Reza Nik, adé abegunde



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