Jan 17
Jan 26 2020
exhibition in-person

What might Toronto’s culture looks like in the future?

Thinking through everyday urban signage systems we explore how infrastructure might shift to accommodate new services, ways of living and working, values and laws. Signs help to enforce both local and global sets of beliefs and ethics, thus reflecting accurately the same culture that created them.

‘Signs of Change’ is a way to engage with the future of a city, both seriously and playfully. We invite people to propose their own future sign ideas to be printed on-demand from our pop-up container at Stackt Market. They might be placed on location or kept as a symbol to provoke discourse around the possible futures those signs enable and enforce.

‘Signs of Change’ is one of the many exhibitions and events happening at stackt as part of DesignTO 2020. See ‘Design Collection @ stackt‘ for details on a public opening and industry meet-up.


Radical Norms



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