Siliceous Earth
Jan 21
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

‘Siliceous Earth’ is a collection of blown lidded glass vessels that are fondly referred to as “Earth Jars.” This line of work is a pared down version of glass artist Sydni Weatherson’s typically bold, brightly coloured vessels. The collection is ever growing, as each jar is created after a different vista.

This line of work is inspired by aerial photographs of salt flats, the granular quality of watercolour pigments, and the natural fluidity of molten glass. While each individual piece has a different palette, together they create a landscape, teeming with iron rich reds, warm ochres, lush greens, and the deep blues of the world surrounding us. Each Earth Jar captures a moment frozen in time, as if the rivers have stopped just for a second, just to be seen. Cold processes such as engraving allow for layers of colour to be excavated, revealing colour, pattern, and texture that would otherwise go unseen.

While jars are traditionally used as a container for small objects, ingredients, and occasionally as memorials for loved ones, the Earth Jar was created as an “inspiration jar”. It is meant to bring joy and spark wonder in the same way a fresh cut flower would, only on a grander scale. The Earth Jar is a way to contain the inspiration and wonder one feels when seeing natural phenomena and the subsequent desire to create. ‘Siliceous Earth’ works to collect these landscapes together in a series of unique vessels.


Sydni Weatherson, Scout


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Sydni Weatherson
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Installation is street level, viewable 24hrs a day, no access to washrooms.
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Image of a squat blown glass vessel in shades of blue, green and white against a light grey background. The vessel has a bold blue river running across the pale green surface. To the right sits a clear glass lid that has been carved like lead crystal.
Earth Jar: River
Image of a glass jar with a wide shoulder and a tapered bottom against a light grey background. The jar has a clear cut crystal lid that sits atop a small neck. The jar is dark green and black with flecks of ruby red.
Earth Jar: Oil Slick