Site Alive
Jan 09
Feb 07 2021
window installation online

‘Site Alive | Winter Edition’ presents an exciting slate of outdoor installations designed to get you out of the house and into an immersive world of sights, experiences and ideas through textiles, photography and graphic art.


This exhibition by Meghan Price and Christine Elson takes inspiration from the notion of “future anthropology” and from Gottfried Semper’s 19th-century text ‘The Four Elements of Architecture’, which describes the inherent role of textiles in the origins of architecture. Central to the installation is a series of five handwoven textiles: tongue-shaped panels composed of pink waste plastic. Located on the east side of the Artport building on the lower windows and the Big Vitrine


Utilizing tests, samples and sketches from the past 10 years Amanda McCavour scanned her embroideries of geometry, botany and household and printed then on hundreds of pieces of fabric cut into irregular shapes creating a colourful collage within the treetops. Located on the west side of the Artport in the Orchard.

Portraits in COVID Times: Documenting a Nation in Change

A partnership with Waterfront BIA, ‘Portraits in COVID Times’ is a large-scale photography exhibition featuring images by world-renowned celebrity photographer George Pimentel and others. Covering the entire north face of our building at 235 Queens Quay West with more images at nearby 318 Queens Quay West at Rees Street, the exhibition touches on all aspects of our changed lives – family, work, leisure, sports, culture, religion, celebrations, health, transportation and political engagement.


An installation by Harbourfront Centre Visual Artist-in-Residence 2019–2020 Joi T. Arcand. “THE ONLY TONGUE IN VOGUE” is a quote pulled from history that helps us to envision a future where Indigenous languages are once again “in vogue” on Indigenous land. Located on the east side of the Artport on upper windows.

Exchange Piece: Khadija Aziz and Laura Kay Keeling – POSTPONED

The ‘Exchange Piece’ window installation is curated by DesignTO and co-presented with Harbourfront Centre. See the full event listing for this installation here. Located on the east side of the Artport, facing Ontario Square.


Meghan Price, Christine Elson, Amanda McCavour, Joi T. Arcand, George Pimentel



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