Soft Shield: Allegorical Spaces by Svima
Jan 20
Feb 06 2022
exhibition in-person

‘Soft Shield’ is an exhibition of architectural provocations that explore space in relation to the mind, body, and environment, via large-scale digital visualizations, hand drawings, and an ethereal three-dimensional installation.

The works investigate notions of self and perception, using vivid environments as allegories for various facets of contemporary existence. Alongside the drawings, which examine new techniques of visualization, a physical installation of cast synthetic polymer panels lends a material dimension to conceptualisation of forms and space.

Conceived as a series of allusive narratives, three sets of large-scale drawings examine Svima’s interest in the relationship between environment and well-being, visualizing spaces with novel programmatic functions that largely did not exist until recently. Taking cues from the psychological concept of “flourishing”, finding optimism in the way we live and relate to one another, ‘Therapy Tower’ speculates a space for ascending, practicing physical and emotional wellbeing. ‘Simulation Chamber’ envisions a construct for total corporeal and cognitive immersion, investigating entertained isolation. ‘Sleep Spire’ conceives a nuanced and responsive entity for comfort, fulfilling innate desires. The works explore how spaces relate to welfare, mentality, and human nature, and how spaces perform and storytelling.

Recurring motifs of delight and biomorphic digital expressionism are further probed through additional digital and hand-drawn series such as ‘Micro/Macro’, ‘Post-Atmosphere’, ‘Islands’, and ‘Lattice Traces’.

Svima (svee · ma) is an architecture and art studio that creates transformational and futuristic spaces and artworks. The exhibition is realized with support from Underscore Projects and fabrication assistance provided by the Ryerson Design + Technology LAB.

OUTDOOR VIEWING: starts on Sat, Jan 15 at 5:30pm
INDOOR VISITS: start on Thu, Jan 20 at 5:30pm until Fri, Feb 4.

Exhibition visits are on Tuesdays to Fridays, 5:30pm to 7:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm. Hours are subject to change.

Groups of up to 4 people are allowed in the space at the same time. Visitors must wear masks or face coverings. While walk-ins are welcome, visitors with appointments receive priority.


Svima (Anamarija Korolj, Leon Lai), Nensi Gjoca



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Underscore Projects
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