Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
window installation in-person

‘Speciation’ is the physical embodiment of a series of silicon-based organisms derived from a genetic algorithm. The algorithm provides the structure for an alternate world which is void of norms which restrict the growth and futurity of queerness, and instead creates an ever-diversifying population via ‘unnatural’ selection.

Genetic algorithms are meant to reflect the process of evolution through natural selection, a framework which does not hold space for relationships that exist outside of cis-heteronormative structures. This algorithm, in contrast, was created with the intention of exploring an alternative theory of life and being as it directly relates to queer theory.

The organisms have a vast and changing family unit comprised of three parents, each contributing its genetic information to the child organism. Even still, within each organism exists the possibility of rejecting its parental DNA and instead producing randomly.

The organism’s physical embodiment is further influenced by light, space and their proximity to each other. The variability of their environment brings life to previously inorganic material, and allows the image of the organism to refract onto one another, creating influence and legacy.

As the light spectrum created by each organism expands through its surroundings, ‘Speciation’ becomes a living diorama with a tangible past and evolving future.

This project is a part of the King East Design District (KEDD), a hub for design, art and culture in the heart of Old Town Toronto.


Mads Brimble



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