Swedish Socialism
Jan 22
Jan 30 2022
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‘Swedish Socialism’ is an online event, created and produced by Karol Kosnik. It is a simultaneous launch of two things: an ‘Ikea Hacker Lifestyle’ podcast AND an on-line school called ‘Handy Design – Modern Ideas’, that teaches the foundations and principles of Ikea Hacking and Peak Furnishings.

This creative undertaking is the culmination of the Historic Design Event of 2020 — the pandemic — that has forced tens of thousands of office workers out of their superbly organized, professionally designed offices and relocated them to their own living spaces. Talk about work-life balance now, ha!

Large, global and influential — corporations exert overwhelming influence over our lives and IKEA is no different. But behind the corporate façade, today, ‘meta-Ikea’ is just a company producing boxes that fit people’s lives really well — really really efficiently.

‘Swedish Socialism’, the podcast, is about how to best leverage capitalism for yourself and your family — the economies of scale allow Ikea to provide solutions to all sorts of life’s little problems, cheap too. From how to properly plan an ‘Ikea centred’ renovation [oh the dreaded delivery!]  to best PAX combinations for families in small spaces, to feeding teens on an ‘Ikea budget’ — host Karol Kosnik has lived it, organized it and improved upon it. Active redditor on r/Ikea and r/IkeaHacks he will answer questions and provide commentary on frequent topics. Only the spiciest of Ikea memes survive!


The school, ‘Handy Design – Modern Ideas’, offers online courses on how to improve Ikea’s box offering. Through various hands-on project examples, students will learn practical skills that they will either bring into their own space or sell to the public. Issues and concepts such as ‘Ikea’fication of Interior Design’ and ‘Task Rabbit’azation of Labour’ will be discussed widely.


Karol Kosnik


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Karol Kosnik
Swedish Socialism - the podcast; will talk about Ikea'fication of Interior Design and 'Task Rabbit'azation of Labour';
'Handy Design - Modern Ideas' - example of client led design + partial assembly ----> learn new skills and save money