Tania J. presents new playful wallpaper.
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
window installation

This new whimsical wallpaper is a nod to the past, but a celebration of today. A bold sense of colour and pattern and scale, inspired by ‘40’s glamour, midcentury designs and folk art. The result is almost childlike and definitely playful, but still sophisticated. Pastel colours or black and white with lots of dots, stripes, simple shapes, botanicals and sometimes animals, play a role in Tania’s designs. Embracing original techniques, Tania J. favours hand-made creations over machine-made. Wallpaper is created in the old fashioned screen printing technique using sustainable paper, based on hand-painted designs.

Tania J. (Tania Janthur) is a Canadian designer who recently started creating printed wallpaper and home goods based on her illustrations. She also creates visual identities and graphic design elements for a range of clients.


Tania j.


Tania J. presents new playful wallpaper.
Tania J. presents new playful wallpaper.


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Tania Janthur
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