TELESCOPE: Capturing moments in time – TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Jan 22
Feb 22 2021
exhibition in-person

Due to the current lockdown in Toronto, this exhibition will not be open during the DesignTO Festival. It will open when public health guidelines permit. As an alternative, there will be video and images of the installation on the Jeff Goodman Studio website.

Sylvia Lee, Creative and Executive Director of internationally acclaimed glass design studio, Jeff Goodman Studio, is pleased to present her latest contribution to the DesignTO Festival. Entitled ‘Telescope’, it marks a continuation of Lee using her long career in glass design to explore memories, nostalgia and aging.

Lee uses ‘Chroma’ glass to execute her design, a product created by the studio which combines traditional blown and kiln fired glass making techniques.

The final installation involves ten handmade circles of Chroma glass, varying in size from 12” to 20”, and wall mounted in an organic formation. It joins a series of custom side tables with Chroma Glass table tops.

Iconic design destination AVENUE ROAD Toronto hosts the installation for the 2021 DesignTO Festival.

Lee explains her design motivation: “Two years ago we did a piece that explored looking through a keyhole and seeing part of a view. This year I imagined taking a telescope and looking at multiple views of the same landscape and piecing them together. It reminds me of the way we piece together memories from our past. What was once a clear picture, over time becomes worn and fragmented and turns into something different. This collection of ten Chroma circles work together to form a bold coloured landscape, and each circle will be a moment captured as if you looked through a telescope.”

Chroma is a popular glass product from the Jeff Goodman Studio that is widely specified by architects and designers for tables, screens or vertical surfaces because it can be customized to have an infinite palette of colours. The studio’s glass artisans use the traditional kiln in a ‘hot shop’ to roll and pull custom coloured rods, then layer the rods and cast them into a slab in the ‘kiln shop’.


Jeff Goodman Studio, Sylvia Lee


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