Dark Curves
Jan 15
Jan 31 2020
window installation in-person

An installation of hanging and free-standing carved wood sculpture by Djuna Day. In a step away from the planned geometry and symmetry of much of her previous work, the work in ‘Dark Curves’ represents an embrace of freehand carving and the inexact curve. In this new collection Djuna continues to work in her favoured palette of deep blacks, but she has let go of her hard edges in favour of organic shapes and abstract compositions. Djuna’s free-form carvings evoke both the airy silhouettes of Victorian botanical drawings and the studied depth of Reinhardt’s ‘Black Paintings’. It is in this space, between mysticism and rationale, that Djuna often finds herself playing.

Djuna Day is a Toronto based artist working in wood. The five pieces that make up this new collection are each hand-carved from Canadian Douglas fir.


Djuna Day



Djuna Day's Installation at Mayberry Fine Art
Djuna Day. 'The Botanicals, Arrangement #1'. Carved Douglas fir with ebony dye and wax. 60x28x8.