The Built Environment
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

Six installations and exhibitions at Gladstone House consider the built environment. Not only do the artists reflect upon what has been built, but the act of building and assembling is part of their processes, through collage, sculpture, digital techniques and editing and altering scenes.

In a two-person exhibition connected by both order and abstraction, Jeremie Warshafsky assembles original photographs into composite images and Cate McGuire combines collage and paint to create new structures.

Adam Chapman’s gestural painting, rooted in a digital image, captures an instant of time on a city street, a fleeting moment of speed.

Asli Alin draws upon her architectural training, assembling basic elements into intricate structures with glowing surfaces.

Alex R.M. Thompson’s prints bring together the structures and infrastructures of the post-industrial city with the human subject, forming hybrid cityscapes that map processes of excavation, planning, construction, and demolition onto personal identity formation.

Jane Forrest’s oil paintings of portions of residential, commercial and industrial buildings are a form of preservation and a love letter to the life around her.

Nicole Beno cuts and collages her photos of architecture into new landscapes, creating fictional worlds that become personal memories and experiences of each location.

Most installations are on view until April 28, 2024.


Asli Alin, Nicole Beno, Adam Chapman, Jane Forrest, Cate McGuire, Alex R.M. Thompson, Jeremie Warshafsky, Lee Petrie (curator), Gladstone House


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Aerial view of parking lot and buildings composed of multiple photographs.
Jeremie Warshafsky, T & T, photography digital print
2D collage that gives the illusion of a ribbon of folded paper, on a green ombre background.
Cate McGuire, closer, magazine paper collage with acrylic paint on stretched canvas
Painting in tones of grey of blurred buildings and car.
Adam Chapman, The Tempest, oil and silver leaf on canvas
Photograph of detail of sculpture made of geometric shapes, in pinks, blues, purples, yellows and greens,
Aslin Alin, Specular Weave, acrylic sheets with dichroic coating
Black and white etching of industrial building and truck
Alex R.M. Thompson, Survey, etching, aquatint and drypoint
Painting of section of industrial building with graffiti on it
Jane Forrest, History in the Walls, oil on canvas