The Future of Work(ers) in Brave Organizations
Jan 23 2020
DesignTO projectevent: talk in-person

Join DesignTO and The Moment to explore the next generation of Organization Design and what that means for workers within the Future of Work. The event will feature a panel of speakers from CounterTax Lawyers, ET Group, Mantle314, and The Moment, followed by smaller facilitated discussions, to get to the core of how future-oriented organizations are enabling workers to adapt and respond to changing conditions in the Future of Work.

To excel in the Future of Work, organizations must be brave. They must lead by embracing new team dynamics, distributing authority and decision-making, and enabling employees and customers outside of traditional channels with a strong voice.

Innovation and culture are integral to the success of organizations in these new conditions. Yet, corporate structures so often block employees from recognizing and responding to change. How can organizations tap into the creative and innovative skillset of its workers while embracing new ways of working?

The Future of Work(ers) in Brave Organizations will speak to these themes:

  • “Teal” and self-organizing models
  • Dynamic and responsive operations
  • Self-aware workers and leaders
  • Organizations who are pushing the status quo, and leading in new and unique ways

This is a two-part event:

Part I—Panel: Hear from four people leading self-managing and “Teal” practices

Part II—Facilitated Discussion: Break into smaller group discussions. Led by The Moment and our panel speakers, you can ask questions and learn from leaders participating in forward-thinking organizations.

Is your organization brave? What can you do to nudge a brave mindset forward? How are other organizations navigating the Future of Work within this context?

Ask questions. Get inspired. Join the Innovation community.

4:00pm Arrival and refreshments
5:00pm Panel starts
6:00pm Facilitated group discussions
6:45pm Networking
7:30pm Event ends

Peter Aprile, Human, Lawyer & Source, Counter Tax Lawyers
Aprile is a lawyer with an idea. His idea sparked Counter Tax Lawyers. It attracted some good people and good lawyers. While working and playing together, they started to see ways to do better legal work. And ways to work better together. For example, they started to see how their organizational model was working against their potential. So, they’re now exploring a different model and practices to create an environment that cultivates better legal professionals and better humans. 

Michelle N. Moore, Lead, Collaboration Advisory, ET Group
Moore is passionate about helping organizations find balance in a digital world, applying her 20+ years of experience in technology-driven transformation. After many years in the corporate world as PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Equity Partner, Michelle discovered holistic approaches to transformation, including Teal, Holocracy, and Theory U, and began to energize roles in self-organized companies like and At ET Group, she helps enterprise organizations achieve collaboration excellence via a human-centred approach to collaboration technology selection, design, and implementation.

Laura Zizzo, Founder & CEO, Mantle314 Inc.
Zizzo combines her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for addressing the climate crisis through her work at Mantle314 Inc. She started her legal career with a prominent Bay Street law firm before founding the first law firm in Canada focused on climate change in 2009. In 2015, she founded Mantle314, an interdisciplinary strategic consultancy to advise clients on identification, management, and disclosure of climate risks and opportunities. She is a leading voice on climate change disruption and financial stability, and promotes evolutionary organizational structures, governance, and management approaches.

The Moment is an Innovation Design studio in Toronto, Canada. They partner with leaders, teams, and organizations to develop Innovation products and strategies, build human-centered design capabilities, and execute critical project work—setting organizations firmly on the path to real change. They are a Holacratic, purpose-driven organization shaping the Future of Work—for themselves and their client-partners. As the only self-managing Innovation studio in Canada, they are proud to be on the leading edge of Innovation, carving a different path: empowering organizations to work better for people.

‘The Future of Work(ers) in Brave Organizations’ is co-presented by DesignTO and The Moment. Event space and support provided by Teknion.

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Event Speakers

Symposium Sister 2020
Peter Aprile Human, Lawyer & Source, Counter Tax Lawyers
Symposium Sister 2020
Laura Zizzo Founder & CEO, Mantle314 Inc.
Symposium Sister 2020
Simon Mhanna Innovation Designer, The Moment


Peter Aprile, Michelle Moore, Laura Zizzo, The Moment (Simon Mhanna)



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