The Un/familiar Familiar
Jan 22
Jan 30 2022
exhibition online

Aiming to highlight the School of Interior Design (SID) Year End Show’s (YES) theme, “Un/filtered”, this virtual installation recreates a familiar SID studio environment displaying students’ work and showcasing an “un/filtered” setting. This action is communicated through an illusion formed by reflected surfaces, creating an infinite space within the limited square footage. The Un/familiar Familiar invites spectators to experience a never-ending visual threshold that plays with light, textures, and foregrounds.

The interior of the installation will be nostalgic of an existing space within SID, with the reflected threshold creating an illusion that emphasizes the everlasting creativity students produce each year. The whiteness of the space helps contrast with students’ work that seemingly aligns along the sides of the installation.

By displaying both students’ work and YES identity, this installation reveals the process of design and showcases an abstract idea of the hidden perspectives within the design world.


School of Interior Design Year End Show 2022 - Un/filtered - Site Team



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Atmospheric Interior Image by YES 2022 Site Team Member
Conceptual Look and Feel of the Window Installation featuring the School of Interior Design Hallway - Collage by YES 2022 Site Team Member
Smaller & Smaller - Painting by YES 2022 Site Team member