Think Design: A Labour Market Analysis of Toronto’s Design Sector
Jan 25 2023
event: talk in-person

Design is recognized around the world as a key to economic and social prosperity. The Design cluster includes both firms specific to these disciplines and the trained and skilled individuals working in design related occupations across numerous industries. The Toronto design industry needs to be profiled to better realize its potential and the potential of its practitioners to address innovation and social needs emerging in today’s complex economic and social environment.

Research from over 15 years ago found over 25,000 individuals working in design across the GTA. More recent estimates put the number of individuals working in a design-related occupation at over 50,000. Toronto is well positioned to take advantage of this current design focus with a critical mass of designers working in the design disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, industrial, interior, graphic, fashion, planning and urban design.

This workshop will feature a presentation of the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group (TWIG) report ‘Think Design’ by its author Kevin Stolarick which provides a portrait of the Design Sector’s workforce along with insights into its importance and challenges. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A with a panel of industry experts.

The event will be followed by a light lunch.


Toronto Workforce Innovation Group, Province of Ontario, Design Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC)


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