Time Moving 4
Jan 21
Jan 31 2021
exhibition online

Due to the current lockdown in Toronto, this project which was originally planned as an outdoor installation, will now be online at @dyingseries.

‘Time Moving 4’ explores concepts of time, memory, and grief, and how we adopt/adapt/abandon technology during experiences of end of life or loss. Drawing on public contributions to prior interactive exhibits, themes such as chaotic, disorientating, calm, reflective, and the personal wishes we might have about end of life, are represented back for public comment.

Prior works in this series included ‘Time Moving 3’ which explored how we express ourselves and adopt/abandon technology during experiences of end of life. ‘Time Moving 1 and 2’ engaged in public making of timelines through storytelling utilizing participatory materials to express and explore temporal awareness at end of life. This public experience engaged in questions of disorientation/orientation to time horizons – an integral aspect to decision making and communication at the end of life.

The organizers wish to thank Mother Maggie Helwig at the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields for her support in the development of this installation.

Dr. Kate Sellen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCADU and Canada Research Chair in Health Design (Tier 2). Much of her work focuses on design on high sensitivity health topics. She takes a community engaged approach to her work that includes participatory design and public engagement through exhibit.

Over the past two years, the ‘Dying.’ series has attracted over 5000 attendees, 26 speakers, including 4 opening and keynote speakers in the disciplines of design and healthcare, and 29 exhibiting artists and designers. In its third year, ‘Dying.’ will continue to offer an opportunity to creatively engage in conversation about fragility, death, dying, loss, grief through the lens of art and design.

The ‘Dying.’ series is a collaboration between the Health Design Studio at OCADU and Taboo Health, and includes the following projects:



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