Translated Scenes
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

Indexical processes contain a clear dialogue with their origins. Impressions of the origin are transposed from one material onto the next as a physical trace (i.e. casting, rubbings), from which new forms are birthed. Even when the artefact of the original referent is no longer explicitly present, we can still understand and feel its presence embodied in every generation.

Indexical processes also allow for easy transitions into multiple scales. In architecture, we use scaled-down physical models to study and represent inhabitable environments. With the same logic, objects can be scaled up in order to produce readings at spatial or inhabitable scales. Using translational media (specifically photography, acetone transfer, and prints), sectional profiles of objects are processed and printed at large outputs and at different opacities, collapsing multiple layers into a single scene.

Angela Cho is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and educator. Her work is driven by interests in thematizing materials’ tendencies, in exposing manual process, in spatial sequence, and in translational media grounded in the index.


Angela Cho


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Angela Cho
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This installation is fully viewable from outside the venue (from the sidewalk and street), however, there are two steps to enter into the building if wishing to see the installation from inside.
scan of vessel interior
scan of vessels
scans of vessel interiors
scan of vessels