Triga Open Studio
Jan 21
Jan 24 2020
exhibition in-person

Triga Creative is hosting an Eco-Design Charrette between December 2nd – 20th, 2019 at Triga Studio in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. The Eco-Design Charrette aims to fuel local performance designers with the knowledge and inspiration needed to design with an ecological consciousness. Through rapid design seeding we will expand how we imagine scenography and its power to change our world.

The Eco-Design Charrette is centred on the creation of concepts for fifty Climate Change Theatre Action Plays. Over the span of the Charrette each participating designer will create a seed concept for 1-4 of the short plays.  We would like to share the work created during the three week charrette residency with the local Toronto community as well as invite people to our open studio to learn more about how Triga Creative has been working to innovate sustainable approaches to design.

Triga Creative is Alexandra Lord, Michelle Tracey and Shannon Lea Doyle: three next-generation designers of space, bodies and light for events and performance. Through harmony and disruption, Triga creates extraordinary live experiences. Applying an autonomous, collaborative model that values the sustainability of people, planet and profit, Triga is able to design for any scope, always at the human scale.



Shannon Lea Doyle, Alexandra Lord, Michelle Tracey