Urban Affairs Forum: The Housing Affordability Crisis
Jan 24 2022
event: talk online

Housing is a fundamental human right, and yet an increasing number of residents across the Greater Toronto Area are struggling to pay rent or find an affordable place to live. In fact, the GTA now holds the questionable title as one of the hottest housing markets in the world. With rental and ownership costs rising faster than household incomes, we are in the midst of a deep and wide-reaching housing affordability crisis that extends from low to middle income households, and from the urban core to the suburbs.

Solving a crisis this complex and far-reaching will require a multi-pronged approach that addresses its root causes—but what exactly are those? And what is required to overcome them?

Join the Toronto Society of Architects for this free public forum as we invite three speakers from diverse fields including economics, planning, architecture and development to share with us their work as we look to better understand the forces behind the housing affordability crisis and what we can do to address them. Moderated by members of the TSA Executive, this forum seeks to prompt architects, designers and the public at large to reflect on our role in addressing this emergency.


  • Frank Clayton, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Urban Research and Land Development, Ryerson University
  • Salima Rawji, Vice President of Development, CreateTO
  • Drew Sinclair, Principal, SvN Architects + Planners

This event is one of a two-part series exploring topics related to Toronto’s housing crisis as part of the 2022 DesignTO Festival. Join us on Tuesday, January 25 at noon for ‘Ideas Forum: Confronting the Housing Crisis’ organized in partnership with DesignTO, exploring homelessness and emergency housing.


Frank Clayton, Salima Rawji, Drew Sinclair


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