Unearthing Chinatown: Memories Lost and Found
Jan 29
Feb 19 2022
exhibition in-person

‘Unearthing Chinatown’ is a search for time past and futures remembered. The exhibition unearths the layers of Toronto’s downtown Chinatowns from its first Chinese-owned business, to the urban evolutions of Toronto’s four downtown Chinatown neighbourhoods, to machine learning AI-imagined futures. Visitors are invited to join in the exploration of Chinatown’s pasts, presents, and futures, unearthing memories lost and found. Using memory as the medium of past experience, visitors will discover that, here, the past is not complete. Here, memory is open and history is dynamic, ever-shifting. Here, the future is found in every place of memory. And, here, every memory constructs a new place, unearths another Chinatown, an other here, another now. Join us in our search of Chinatown’s memories: lost and found, past and future, in every place of memory shared and lived.


Linda Zhang, Amy Yan, Jenna Buchwitz, Soon Chul Park, Sally Park, Duyen Nguyen, Jimmy Tran, Jae Seo


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Karen Carter
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