Urban Canvas: Empowering Youth Through Public Art and Creative Media
Jan 21 2024
event: talk in-person

Full of creativity and curiosity, youths have the potential to make meaningful contributions to the design processes of communities and cities. In a multicultural hub like Toronto, there is a greater importance to engage young people to foster a sense of belonging and create inclusive and vibrant urban spaces, particularly for those from underrepresented families and communities.

‘Urban Canvas: Empowering Youth through Public Art and Creative Media’ is a panel discussion organized by Urban Minds that explores the potential of public art and creative mediums, such as art installations, murals, photography, videography, and design competitions, in urban design and planning, with a focus on their capacity to engage and empower the youth population in our cities.

Featuring a diverse group of experts, including urban planners, artists, and community organizers, the discussion will explore compelling case studies and best practices that have effectively harnessed art to embed diverse youth voices in community building and inspire the next generation of changemakers.

Join us for this dialogue to learn more about the role of public art in fostering genuine youth participation in community and city design. Gain insights on how to incorporate public art into urban planning projects and be inspired to collaborate across sectors to create vibrant, inclusive urban spaces that are aesthetically enriching and empowering for young people.


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