Variations on Broken Lines | A multimedia installation at LA-MASHU artspace
Jan 20
Feb 10 2023
exhibition in-person

‘Variations on Broken Lines’ is a multimedia installation that explores how our understanding of “real” space-time is challenged by our current digital culture. The installation comprises dance archives of bodily diasporic gestures that dwell beyond borders, time and space. It encourages reflection on liminal concepts and their emergence at a time when our bodies, identities, and environments become displaced and impalpable. The multiple temporalities in space generate an imaginary rite of passage, provoking disruption of borders, and enhanced potential for cultural, social, and personal pattern shifting.

The installation utilizes various conceptual choreographic methods and techniques of layering, weaving, and blurring/blending forms and gestures, to reflect the view that there are knowledge and points of connection in the spaces between past and present. The complexity of virtual mediations and the feeling of in-between-ness, illuminate experiences inscribed upon our bodies.


Nava Messas Waxman, Maria Kravchenko, LA-MASHU artspace


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Maria Kravchenko