(WA) – Wearable ART, db Yaw Tony
Jan 22
Feb 14 2021
window installation in-person

This installation is a continuum representation of aesthete’s items, additions of everyday eclectic pieces stamped with the essence of beauty that would bring art into ordinary people’s homes. This idiosyncratic maximalist aesthetic ranges anywhere from fashion, wallpaper, furniture, porcelain, cushions, and candleholders to blankets, carpet and so much more. The design patterns do not only speak a beautiful language of reinvention and rebirth to a form of decoration that could be printed or deployed on any surface but are also enriched with moral idioms and folklore that arouse the value and worth in each one through our contribution to humanity.

‘(WA) Wearable ART’ (Fashion) is an extension of Yaw Tony’s ‘Life Liveth in Me (LLiM)’ in the world of fashion to create an extremely contemporary, modern, and spirited style. This installation will focus on the application of the floral and other motif patterned designs embodying the brand philosophy that, “whoever hideth your beauty hideth the wind.” It is the epilogue and the axiom beauty buried in our inner desire, attitude, characters, spirit being…This installation is founded on the philosophy that beauty must be expressed, shared commonly, its eccentric idealistic textiles, grandiose print which will be in collaboration with two great clothiers in the city, Nana Bediako (@nanabediako) and Emefa Kuadey (@israellaKOBLA) to construct 6-10 tasteful pieces.

This project is a part of the King East Design District (KEDD), a hub for design, art and culture in the heart of Old Town Toronto.


Yaw Tony, Nana Bediako, Emefa Kuadey


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Liliana Siggillino
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(WA) Wearable ART - The Spirited Skirts
(WA) Wearable ART - The Spirited Trews
(WA) Wearable ART - The Grandiose Jacket
(WA) Wearable ART - The Patterned Dress