Water Weavings
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

“An original photograph of the Upper Rideau Lake was deconstructed and translated into digital weave structures and woven with a TC2 Digital Jacquard Loom in three different iterations: ‘Water Weavings’.

The first iteration resembles water in its clean and natural form. Light blues work together with the white warp and, through the soft shades and highlights, we can perceive the clear flow of the water.

In the darker, second iteration, a more somber mood is portrayed. By using darker tones as well as a textured chenille yarn, more depth and mystery is depicted. What is under these waters? Can natural life still inhabit these currents?

The third iteration was woven with polyethylene and the interlacing of monofilament with cotolin yarn. The intention behind this panel is to bring awareness to the contamination and invasion by man-made materials of our fresh bodies of water.

Every summer, I have the privilege of staying by the Upper Rideau Lake in Ontario. As I contemplate the water and its connection to the sky, I am fascinated by this ever-changing landscape, full of mystery and wisdom.

With this work, I aim to bring awareness to nature’s fragility. We are bodies of water, together with the lakes, rivers and oceans. The average human body is 60 per cent water, almost 40 litres of it carried in our cells. We are clearly interwoven with nature yet we insist on destroying and polluting it, harming our very own life source and essence.”

— Michèle Guevara

“Of all our natural resources, water has become the most precious… In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference.”

— Rachel Carson, ‘Silent Spring’


Michèle Guevara


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Adrian Hayles
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Weaving of water number 1. Clear waters.
Water Weavings I - Clear waters
Weaving of water number 2. Deep waters.
Water Weavings II - Deep waters
Weaving of water number 3. Plastic waters.
Water Weavings III - Plastic waters
Detail of weaving in progress.
Process. Weaving on the TC2 Digital Jacquard Loom.
Detail of weaving in progress.
Process. Weaving on the TC2 Digital Jacquard Loom.