Weaving the Light
Jan 22
Mar 20 2022
window installation in-person

Explore the intersection of traditional, vanishing skills and hi-tech materials with the ‘Weaving the Light’ collection from D.A.R. Proyectos. The Peruvian-based design studio will be presenting a light installation, handwoven in a crochet technique from the Andes, integrating transparent plastic electroluminescent wire to shape a glowing textile object.

By approaching the technology as a foundational element of the textile itself, D.A.R. has designed a fully glowing object that is seamlessly assembled. Moving the concept from wearable fashion-technology into home decor, the Andean crochet technique has proven to be an ideal method to harness the characteristics of a circuit. The luminous fabric is striking as it elevates the materials, and is delightfully simple as the vacant form defies the expectation that a lamp should integrate many components. The soft glow of the lamp contrasts the beauty of the hand-work, redefining the value of this traditional technique.

Visitors may also attend a talk and exhibition in the Textile Museum, expanding on the process behind the techniques and allowing visitors to touch and interact with the textiles. D.A.R. Proyectos work with craft communities involves the goal of cultural preservation, a dynamic process that involves several layers beyond the craft itself. Social empowerment, reimagining how to manufacture objects, refreshing existing knowledge, and design innovation are all part of the pursuit to create sustainable well-designed objects.

Join us on Saturday, January 22 to speak with the designers about their work, and visit the museum between January 22 – March 20 to see the exhibition and window installation.


D.A.R. Proyectos (Jenny Boucher, Mauricio Navarro Aldave)


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Leah Sanchez
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light - handwoven snake lamp on/off
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light - handwoven snake lamp on table
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light - handwoven table lamp
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light - weaving process
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light team
Weaving the Light
Weaving the Light - handwoven snake lamp texture