Welcome to R-House
Jan 27 2023
event: open studio in-person

Rollout, with visualizers Form and Sense, are building ‘R-House’, a versatile digital environment for visualizing wallcovering designs and applications. This campus of virtual showrooms is rendered in a 3D game engine and is intended for ideation and storytelling. It is a tool for decentralizing collaboration with artists and pattern makers developing and exploring wallcovering concepts. Similarly, architects and interior designers can experience and experiment with wallcovering applications in a hyper-realistic digital space that can adapt to reflect real-world project constraints such as furnishings, lighting and material finishes. The exhibition of R-House will focus on how emerging visualization technology is leveraged to close the loop between artists, manufacturing and specifiers in pursuit of creating unique experiences in the built world.


Jonathan Nodrick, Rollout


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Jon Nodrick
Can people get to the venue using accessible transit?