What If I Can Use It?
Jan 18
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

‘What If I Can Use It?’ challenges the traditional boundaries between art and function. Co-presented by Vessels + Sticks Ceramic Art Gallery and Ashley Botten Design, the exhibition brings together a half dozen ceramic-based artists whose sculptural objects are also usable. Each piece encourages viewers to think critically about how we categorize and evaluate art and what value we ascribe to different forms of creative expression.

Their work will be displayed at the in-studio furniture showroom of Ashley Botten, whose own handcrafted objects for the home also explore the divide between conceptual observation and useful product. This exhibition delves into artwork initially intended to have a specific function, but, due to experimentation and novel material choices, ended up serving a different purpose altogether.


Ashley Botten, Jennifer Kerbel Poirier, Zimra Beiner, Eden Bender, Julie Moon, Jana Osterman


Ashley Botten Design
Vessels + Sticks


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Jennifer Kerbel Poirier