Jan 19
Jan 29 2024
exhibition in-person

‘Whispering’ by Lana Yuan embodies a kinetic sculpture, featuring a motor-driven red ball held in place by a rotating steel mechanism. The lively movement of the vibrant ball, powered by electricity, infuses a delightful touch of enchantment into the artwork. This sculpture intertwines childhood nostalgia with minimalist aesthetics, delving into the dynamics of balance, motion, and the essence of time.

Lana Yuan is a Chinese-born artist now residing in Toronto, focusing on sculpture and kinetic installations. She graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto’s Studio Art Specialist program. Her practice is driven by the exploration of childhood memories and flaneur experiences. Lana’s work is a journey of discovery, a meditative process that leads to moments of notion. She carefully select materials to create kinetic sculptures and installations that convey social and political events through peculiar and unsettling movements. Forgotten electronics, discarded materials, cherished toys, and broken construction materials are infused with life through mechanical components and sensors, bringing each piece to life.

In her work, childhood nostalgia blends with the flaneur’s perspective. Drawing inspiration from the enchantment and inquisitiveness of her childhood, Lana assumes the role of a detached observer, meandering through urban landscapes in search of concealed narratives and igniting a feeling of exploration. Her work also traverses the boundary between dreams, memories, and the realities of the urban environment, delving into uncharted territories of the mind and inviting viewers to embark on their journeys of discovery.


Lana Yuan


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Whispering_ kinetic sculpture concept rendering by midjourney
Whispering kinetic sculpture concept rendering by midjourney
Whispering_ kinetic sculpture side view
Whispering kinetic sculpture side view