Women that Make, Create and Innovate 2022
Jan 27 2022
event: talk online

Daily Goods Design LABS (DGDL) hosts a round table discussion featuring women changing the landscape of design by intersecting it with fashion, science and tech.

Renn Scott (Chief Designer, DGDL) will kick off the talks sharing her point of view on how to design with a mindset that focuses on human diversity with respect to gender, age and other forms of human difference. You can follow Renn and DGDL on Twitter.

Nadine Hare (Human-centred design, anthropology, instructor) will talk about health care and how as a design anthropologist, she focuses on embedding ethnographic methods and critical thinking within human-centred design, and in doing so, contributes to the design of more caring and equitable futures.

Veda Adnani Chatterjee (User experience designer, femtech, health tech) will share how her work at Hertility is helping shape the future of reproductive healthcare provides data-driven and advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause.

Daily Goods Design LABS makes and creates products and services, and we also ‘educate’ – through events such as this one, we want to make women more aware about what the combination of design, science and technology can do for them and for their health. We have a big focus on enabling, we believe by providing and making connections and potentials to collaborate that we gain more confidence. DGDL’s mission is to create the best of product design, science and tech experiences.

This is an online event, but one where the presenters, female designers and engineers can engage in the conversation.


Daily Goods Design LABS, Renn Scott, Nadine Hare, Veda Adnani Chatterjee


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