Your Own Story
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
exhibition online

The intent of ‘Your Own Story’ is to encourage understanding of queer and marginalized individuals. Focus is placed on how every piece is created by sense of design and articulation of imagery. The resulting works deal with the sense of accepting identity in a metaphor of branding personal image. The symbolic representation is created by taking references of objects in such a way, in which observers can engage themselves and relish the intimate fluidity.

The social gender performance is the reflection of decided performance of gender expressions by the heteronormative individuals of the society. Between those social gender performances there are individuals who perform unusual gender expressions similar to queerness, which contradicts the social gender performance. The exhibited work in the ‘Your Own Story’ is presented with the same approach of contradicting social gender performances of heteronormativity. The work reflects the thoughtfulness of the relationships of strength, expression, trust, and fear of intimacy.

The exhibition applying process is deliberately engaged in the performance of sensual and fluid acts of confronting bodies which dominate over one another. The symbolic bodies are designed as identities in a battleground of pleasure and celebrate physical touch. It is colour, applied in splashes and heavy strokes, which conveys the past and present of representation, struggle and intimate spaces of queer and marginalized subjectivity.


Imran Jatoi


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Imran Jatoi
Your Own Story: Liberating
Your Own Story: Part Of sHe
Your Own Story: Happy Ending
Your Own Story: It's A Love Song
Your Own Story: Pink Fluid
Your Own Story: Never Tire Of Hearing This