Michelle N. Moore is a speaker at ‘The Future of Work(ers) in Brave New Organizations’ happening on Thursday, January 23, from 4–7:30pm at the Teknion Collaboration Hub.

Michelle N. Moore, Lead, Collaboration Advisory, ET Group

Moore is passionate about helping organizations find balance in a digital world, applying her 20+ years of experience in technology-driven transformation. After many years in the corporate world as PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Equity Partner, Michelle discovered holistic approaches to transformation, including Teal, Holocracy, and Theory U, and began to energize roles in self-organized companies like GrantBook.org and ETgroup.ca. At ET Group, she helps enterprise organizations achieve collaboration excellence via a human-centred approach to collaboration technology selection, design, and implementation.


The Future of Work(ers) in Brave Organizations’ is co-presented by DesignTO and The Moment. Event space and support provided by Teknion.