Casting Shadows
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

The windows are blurred, there are lights guiding the way. A dark atmosphere, accent lighting – a world of lights, shadows and distortions.

For the 2024 DesignTO Festival, Fomenta explores the different relations between light and shadow, their perception and the illusions that can be created in relation to the body’s movement throughout the space.

‘Casting Shadows’ is an installation showcasing the studio’s lamps, producing new relationships: between the objects themselves, and between the objects and the space they occupy.

About Fomenta
Fomenta, a newly founded design studio based in Montreal, explores matter through objects, spaces, and installations.

The studio is interested in patina and material memory: the reasons behind preserving certain things, how the emotions towards these things can create a history, a place for interaction and exchange.

The objects that intrigue Fomenta are those that explore different ways of interacting with the body, which lie between the functional and the ironic, between the useful and the sculptural.

SHEEEP is an experimental art and architecture studio based in Toronto directed by Reza Nik. The studio is primarily working within community, education, activism, culture, public art and architecture.


Atelier Fomenta, SHEEEP studio


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