New Work
Jan 21
Jan 24 2024
exhibition in-person

Join Concord Lighting for an inside look into their ‘New Work’. Established by Kate MacNeill in 2018, Concord is proud to present their latest collection of light fixtures and objects since Concord’s founding. All of the pieces are fabricated locally, highlighting the region’s exceptional craftsmanship.

‘New Work’ explores the dynamic interplay between craft processes and design. Concord have drawn inspiration from local fabricators, fusing traditional craft practices with contemporary design. They are interested in how making can shape and inform the design process. Using forms, materials and techniques influenced by their custom processes from over the past few years, they have created and curated an entirely new collection of pieces that represents the Concord design philosophy.

If you are looking to add warmth to your space through lighting objects, please visit the exhibition and experience Concord’s new offerings.

We hope that you enjoy ‘New Work’, Concord Lighting’s contribution to Toronto’s vibrant design landscape.


Concord Custom Lighting (Kate MacNeill, Audrey Assad, April Foss)


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Audrey Assad