Divining (A Long Story V)
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
exhibition in-person

Divining (A Long Story V) is a new evolution of Lauren A. Pirie’s ‘A Long Story’ series of illuminated soft-sculptural installations; long, soft arm forms wrapping around and embracing each other and the environments they inhabit. Looking to ecology and mysticism, science and fiction, this series explores our yearning for connection—even in the face of rising anxieties and temperatures—and at the same time, possibility in a new dawn. The DesignTO 2023 rendition intertwines around the existing column structures of 40 St. Clair West, interacting with plant life below.

‘Divining’ draws reference to the ancient process of locating ground water using a divining or dowsing rod and connotes natural or supernatural intuition. ‘Divining (A Long Story V)’ considers our inherent interconnection and thirst for communion to the more-than-human-natural world; how we do and may seek these connections from within urban environments.

DesignTO x Yonge + St. Clair

‘Divining (A Long Story V)’ is one of 6 projects in the Yonge + St. Clair BIA, a dynamic neighbourhood in midtown Toronto. During the DesignTO Festival, you are invited to explore the area while checking out the large-scale installations.

On Saturday, January 28, join us for ‘DesignTO Tours: Stop. Look. Think.‘ featuring Asli Alin, D.A.R. Proyectos, and Lauren Pirie.


Lauren A. Pirie


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Yonge + St Clair BIA
Intertwined soft sculpture in the form of long arms with plants glowing with orange light
Past work "A Longer Story" installed at Todmorden Mills as part of ArtworxTO