Jan 19
Jan 26 2023
exhibition in-person

The project started by the desire to share introspective moments. Exposing the unseen & the intangible through fragments of sound, sight & touch. The work focuses on the darkness, the melancholy of life—not by rejecting the light—by the realization that light can never overrule darkness. Stars emerge, they are glorified till they eventually dissipate, just like most things. The dark matter is eternal.

‘Melancholy’ is a spirit of contradictions. If it is a sense of contrast and deep duality that marks the melancholy nature, then it follows that these features must also determine the melancholy aesthetic. In writing melancholia, this sense of contrast is most clearly expressed in the use of light and dark, those shades of colour and tone most evocative in the modern literary text. It is neither light nor dark that determines the melancholy aesthetic, but rather it is the sense of unease, loss and contrast between the two.

A series of vases will showcase the duality of the darkness that lives in a melancholic body and the exposed flaunting beauty.

Materiality: Clay, representing the body, the second skin we trap ourselves in.

Inspiration: Nature, representing beauty as we have always sought it for inspiration and healing.

Accompanying the clay work an audio film will be provided. The film expresses fragments of a daily life that triggers depressive emotions. It is an immersive audio film —as opposed to visual—in order to free the audience from the confinement of space. Blurring the lines between personal memories and perception.

design collection @ STACKT

‘Melancholy’ is one of 5 projects at Stackt Market as part of the 2023 DesignTO Festival.

On Friday, January 20, visit Stackt for the ‘design collection @ STACKT Launch Party’. Browse the site on a self-guided tour and meet + greet the designers.

Tour and Meet + Greet: 6-7pm

Private party in the Studio with drinks + a DJ: 7-9pm


Fragments, Zeina Nahas, Una, Caleb McMullen, Neda Abbas, Anne Muller, Erased Tapes, Philia Flora


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Zeina Nehas
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Text: The creation of life from clay is a miraculous birth theme that appears throughout religions and mythologies.  An image portraying the Divine Potter - an Egyptian god- another image portraying Prometheus & Athena.
Text: Body embellishment using nature, a tradition meant to exude confidence and beauty. An image of Frida Khalo self portrait, Frida Kahlo faces the viewer with a background of large green leaves and brown branches right behind her. Wearing a crown of red, yellow and white flowers while bleeding from a thorn-like necklace. The second image is of a Suri Tribe woman, her face painted in yellow below the eyes to the chin and the top portion of her face is painted in white with brown circle imprints. She is wearing an elaborate floral crown. Large red flowers in the centre and smaller yellow and orange flowers with green leaves on either side.
A black & white collage of a woman facing the viewer with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Trapped in a laced up two piece cape-like shell. Wearing a tree branch on her head while the foliage is hiding her eyes.
Collage using Lu Jian Jun paintings