Jan 25
Jan 31 2024
exhibition in-person

Mjölk is proud to present three new works being debuted during the 2024 DesignTO Festival:

Nassa Vase

The exquisite, limited-edition Nassa Vase is the culmination of years of successful collaboration between Luca Nichetto and the visionary design shop, Mjölk.

Drawing inspiration from the rich reservoir of Murano’s glass making heritage, Luca sought to infuse the age-old craft with a contemporary twist. This approach led to the idea of employing traditional glass-cutting and polishing techniques to create window-like features within the glass. The varying thickness of the glass and the vase’s iridescent finish, another ancient technique, adds an element of the otherworldly to Nassa.

Named after the traditional net used for catching octopuses, the Nassa Vase captures the essence of Venice and its lagoon. Its surface details evoke the image of tentacles, while its opalescent exterior beautifully mirrors the sheen of an octopus’s ink.

Mjölk Arm Sofa

The new Mjölk Arm Sofa distills the traditional sofa to its essential elements: a solid wood frame for support, combined with a blend of webbing, foam, and down for comfort. The design reflects a focus on reduced lines and shapes, with its archetypal composition embracing the enduring appeal of classic, honest forms. Designed by Thom Fougere and made in Canada, the sofa is available in solid walnut and oak, with a range of fabric cover options.

Mjölk Wall Light

The Mjölk Wall Light draws inspiration from the mechanical design of a record player’s tonearm counterbalance. Crafted from solid brass, the articulating arm can be adjusted to meet your interior lighting requirements, whether it’s over a dining table, in a living room, or virtually anywhere within a living space. The handcrafted Japanese mulberry paper emits a soft ambient glow, while also delivering focused, directed lighting beneath the shade. Designed by Thom Fougere and made in Canada.



Luca Nichetto, Thom Fougere, John Baker, Juli Daoust


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