Pretty Secrets — PS: I<3U
Jan 19
Jan 27 2024
exhibition in-person

Mararamiro and Pretty Secrets invites you to ‘PS: I <3 U’. This is the second in a series of exhibitions, with the inaugural show having been presented by Spring Studios at their Tribeca location in October 2023.

Pretty Secrets is a cheeky invitation to peek into the minds and desires of a dozen emerging artists and designers. This group is composed of makers from Canada, the United States and China. Each designer pulls inspiration from personal cultural diasporic craft techniques with a grounded relationship to the materials they choose to work with, holding a belief that the future of design is in the hands of those who can work by peering backwards while still envisioning the future. Pretty Secrets is a collection of contemporary beautifully crafted objects. Enter their world of beauty and unveil the pretty secrets behind each work.

An opening reception will be held on January 19 from 3-6pm and the show will be on view from January 19-27.


Angela Cho, Cat Love, Elizabeth Lenny, Grace Wardlaw, Izzy Yang, Jia Xin Huang, Liyang Zhang, Madeleine Young, Sarah Holloway, Shayla Giroux




Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Sarah Holloway
Is this venue accessible by wheelchair or similar mobility devices? This includes access to washrooms and all aspects of programming/events.
The exhibition/shop is accessible, but the washroom is not.
Can people get to the venue using accessible transit?
Gallery full of furniture and in the right corner there is a screen that says "Pretty Secrets"
Pretty Secrets NYC
A black, geometric stove and a black, sconce that plugs into the wall and looks. like a vine against a white gallery wall.
Left: Madeleine Young's 90 Degree Stove; Right: Sarah Holloway's Morning Glory Sconce
White porcliene candel holder has a lean to it that makes it look like it is falling. The ceramic holder has three legs that ungulate wider and skinnier creating a rippling pattern.
Izzy Yang's Spring Vessel
A metal chair that is made up of blow-up bubble forms. It is symmetrical, resampling a throne in stature.
Jia Xin Huang's Eternal Recurrence II
A organically shaped black shiny piece of wood with a flashing green light at the bottom. A power cord and an ethernet cable come out of its underbelly.
Sarah Holloway's Yilan Wifi Router