Jan 19
Mar 03 2024
window installation in-person

A perfect exhibition to see if you love the place where craft, design and artistry overlap, world-renowned glass design company The Goodman Studio is launching ‘Ribbon’, a modular collection of handblown glass “ribbons” with integrated lighting in a multitude of colours.

‘Ribbon’ will debut at Bergo Designs, which marks the first time the studio has presented in Toronto’s notable Distillery District.  It’s also the inaugural show for the studio’s newest glassblower, Brad Turner.

Turner is a 15-year international glass industry veteran who has been featured in art shows on multiple continents, and most recently was featured on the hit show ‘Blown Away’ on Netflix. As the Head Glassblower of The Goodman Studio, his new vision for a modular lighting collection is inspired by ribbons of thin, coloured blown glass which hang poetically, like a moment captured in time. The installation consists of a cluster of 20 lights ranging in size from 36”h to 48”h.

Sylvia Lee, Creative and Executive Director of The Goodman Studio, says, “Brad has brought a signature talent and modern sensibility to our studio that designers and collectors love. The ‘Ribbon’ lighting collection distills glass down to its beautiful form and pushes the boundaries of its strength and capability, while balancing its fragility.”

Turner adds, “The ‘Ribbon’ light is a beautiful nod to a technical process. When hot glass is blown, stretched, and quickly bent, you can achieve these simple shapes, which are an ode to the laborious process. It’s a balance between a lighting fixture and a glass installation, and the thin curvatures in bold colours change their appearance as you walk past them.”

‘Ribbon’ is viewable daily from 9am to 8pm from January 19 to March 3, 2024.


The Goodman Studio, Brad Turner


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