The Feels
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

This collection of ceramics and paintings by Talie Shalmon conveys a range of emotions, moods and states of mind. These works aim to communicate complex feelings, using the limitations of abstraction within two and three-dimensional media. A common thread can be seen tying together the ceramics and paintings; they explore shape, pattern and bold use of colour, sharing a similar aesthetic vocabulary. Inspired by a deep connection to nature, the forms and shapes make reference to water, plants, rocks and biological organisms. This collection includes paintings, ceramic vessels, bowls and necklaces.

Talie Shalmon is an artist, muralist and designer from Toronto. This is the beginning of her exploration into ceramics as a medium. Talie earned a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Design Research from Carleton University, a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Queen’s University and a Graphic Design Certificate from Humber College. She has exhibited in galleries including the Gardiner Museum, Whippersnapper Gallery and Northern Contemporary. Talie’s murals can be found in public spaces across the GTA.


‘The Feels’ is one of 12+ projects at STACKT Market for the 2024 DesignTO Festival. Celebrate these projects with a free, site-wide party on Sat, Jan 20 from 6-10:30pm. Visit ‘Design Collection Opening Party @ STACKT’ to learn more.


Talie Shalmon


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Talie Shalmon
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Two brightly coloured ceramic vessels. The vessel in the foreground is blue and black, resembling a jug with black water drips. The vessel in the background is pink and yellow and resembles coral or an abstract floral form.
Ceramic vessels
A series of five square-shaped paintings hand in a row on a wall. They are brightly coloured abstract paintings.
Acrylic paintings on wood, 2x2’ each
Four small ceramic bowls and vases in the foreground, and five square-shaped colourful abstract paintings on the wall in the background.
Ceramic bowls and vases
Ceramic bowl with a drawing on it, of a woman in a swimsuit floating in dark blue water. Many line work details surround her, resembling ripples in the water.
Ceramic bowl
Many necklaces hang in a cluster formation on a wall. The necklaces are colourful ceramic pendants strung on cords.
Ceramic pendant necklaces