Design Collection Opening Party @ STACKT
Jan 20 2024
event: party in-person

Celebrate 12+ exhibitions and installations from designers at Stackt Market with a free opening party. Enjoy a special interactive exhibition in the Studio with a bar and music.

Projects at Stackt Market for the 2024 DesignTO Festival:


This series of photographs by Amanda Large of doublespace photography features 34 parkades located in Toronto.

Abra Chair: trochu inak

Martin Takáč presents ‘trochu inak’ or “a bit differently”. With just three pieces of wood, ‘The Abra Chair’ invites you to experience the essence of simplicity, reminding us that great design need not be complicated.


‘Adrift’ by Marney McDiarmid speaks to the need to align our actions with our dependence on one another and the Earth. Ceramic flowers are suspended against a backdrop of paper-cut seeds, disconnected and missing their roots, yet still searching for firmer ground.

Beyond Wada In Bloom @ Promise Supply

‘Beyond Wada in Bloom’ is where colour and nature merge. Join local artist Shayla Bond in immersing yourself amidst cascading hues that mirror foliage and flora amidst an urban winter.


‘BLOOD, WATER & BATHURST STREET’ is a participatory, textile-based mapping project by Naomi Daryn Boyd that explores the histories, communities, and journeys that have shaped these lands. Visitors are invited to engage with the tactile map and contribute their own stories of place.

Bubble Wall: Special Edition

‘Bubble Wall’ is an interactive art installation by Chaimi Design Collective that collects moments, feelings, and thoughts of individuals and tries to find the thing that connects us all. Scan each bubble to read about others and share about yourself.

In Flux: Changing / Rearranging

Reflecting on recent challenges faced by Toronto’s Artscape community, this modular ceramic bas-relief by Elena Mahno invites you to consider the balance between development and cultural preservation, between those who remain and those who disappear in a city defined by perpetual change.

Journey Through Geometry

Safoura Zahedi presents ‘Journey Through Geometry’, an immersive installation exhibition that explores geometry as a spiritual design tool and invites people to contemplate, connect, and partake in a spatial meditation.

Learning from Tianguis: Exploring Hybrid Marketplaces

How can tradition and innovation co-exist in our ever-changing world? ‘Learning from Tianguis: Exploring Hybrid Marketplaces’ by Chiun Lee Kim envisions hypothetical retail spaces that can combine authenticity and community in Mexican tianguis markets with the convenience and accessibility of digital platforms.


‘MADE BY HUMANS’ explores the ongoing relationship between technology and human craftsmanship, initiating dialogue around how technological integration might challenge traditional notions of ‘hand-crafted’.

Ripple: A Wearable Environment

‘Ripple: A Wearable Environment’ is an experimental large-scale textile installation by Deanna Armenti that explores subspace. Within the kink community, subspace has been explained as a meditative, dream-like state that feels like floating in water which is experienced when engaging in BDSM scenes.

The Feels

This exhibition of ceramics and paintings by Talie Shalmon aims to communicate complex feelings, using the limitations of abstraction. These works are inspired by nature and explore shape, pattern and bold use of colour. The collection features paintings, ceramic vessels, bowls and necklaces.

This side or that side

Play a game of spot the difference at this interactive exhibition by Frances Hahn. If you choose to sit on this side or that side, what changes? Can you see the change?

Tideline @ Milky’s Cloud Room

‘Tideline’ refers to sinuous lines of floating debris found where two ocean currents converge. Artists Meghan Macdonald and Sarah Sears utilize found, salvaged and repurposed materials from nature and the built environment. Within stitched threads and poured concrete, these materials are suspended and celebrated.

Woven ’66

Stoneface Co., a Canadian furniture and objects atelier presents their latest work, ‘Woven ‘66’. The accent table features the leather weaving technique Intrecciato. Also on exhibit are mirrored wall hangings from the Mirage Series and furniture from their permanent collection.




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