The Precipice
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
exhibition in-person

This infinity mirror project was designed and built over a period of nearly a year. Through a combination of 3D-printed parts, LEDs and one way mirror panels, this project evokes light patterns based on aspects of climate change such as icebergs melting, forest fires, and beautiful phenomena that humanity will miss if it becomes extinct, like the northern lights, stars and sunsets.

We are standing on a precipice, as Noam Chomsky frequently states. If we do not drastically reduce fossil fuel consumption, we face irreversible tipping points and the very real prospect of an uninhabitable planet in the not too distant future. How is Canada faring in the fight against climate catastrophe? According to Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco, Canada’s efforts are going from “failure to failure”, and that we are the worst performer of all G7 nations since the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted in 2015 (link). In addition to projects like the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Bay du Nord, the Canadian government continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry. In 2020 alone, Canada spent $18B on subsidies (link). This pales in comparison to the financing from Canada’s major banks, which grew by 70% in 2021, and increased tar sands projects by 51%. RBC alone financed $201.23B (link).

These are political choices, not laws of nature. It’s not just personal responsibility, or being fortunate enough to have an electric car or solar power. It’s corporate supremacy, greenwashing, capitalism and propaganda. We have the solutions; another world is possible.

design collection @ STACKT

‘The Precipice’ is one of 5 projects at Stackt Market as part of the 2023 DesignTO Festival.

On Friday, January 20, visit Stackt for the ‘design collection @ STACKT Launch Party’. Browse the site on a self-guided tour and meet + greet the designers.

Tour and Meet + Greet: 6-7pm

Private party in the Studio with drinks + a DJ: 7-9pm


Justin Hawley (artist), Kaixin Wang (composer)


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