Looking for more landscape design? If you haven’t checked out our DesignTO Festival Schedule yet, head to our website and see what’s in store for 2019! This will be our biggest festival yet and since you’ll have just 10 days to see it all we’ve gathered some of the coolest landscape design events, exhibitions and installations all in one place so you can start planning your festival now!
Light Cage Duo

After the immense success of Luvère Studio’s ‘Cage Light’ first exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan 2018 and then the ‘Sym Tower’ at IDS Vancouver 2018, Luvère Studio, in collaboration with bulthaup Toronto, presents the third installment in the series titled ‘Light Cage Duo’. The work provides a binocular view of a lighting installation as live plants are bursting from the confines of a 4’ x 4’ structure of illuminated bars, suspended from the ceiling above. The plants continue to grow despite their capture in a prison of light, eventually engulfing and blackening out their source of confine and energy. As the plants endure and thrive, the installation becomes a symbol of hope for the environment and our planet.

January 17 – 26, 2019

Opening Reception
January 21, 2019
6pm – 9pm

Design Wo/ManiFesT.O.

Design is both an evolving and evocative creative process permeating all aspects of social, economic, and political life, and it is shifting the way our city operates, and functions. With human-centred values and diverse perspectives, advocacy, and calls to action, we are collectively and individually changing the social and physical fabric of Toronto, often with design as the catalyst. As we approach 2020, ‘Design Wo/ManiFesT.O.’ asks that we reflect on how design has supported (or not), the process of city-making over the last decades, and where it can lead in the next wave of social, demographic, and technological change. This panel discussion and open-microphone invites Toronto to share vision(s) for the city, ideas for a reimagined Toronto—from big concepts to neighbourhood-centred dreams.

January 24, 2019
6:30pm – 8:30pm


‘StrataSphere’ is a visual representation of the progression of time and its climatic effects on our environment. This installation seeks to create a multi-dimensional layered landscape through a series of moments suspended in time that are both contemplative and conceptual.

January 21 – 27, 2019

Eco Design Symposium

The ‘Eco Design Symposium’ will bring together designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and students around the theme of ecological design within the context of the unfolding eco-crisis. Each action we take, as designers, engineers, architects, is amplified by a thousand, a million times when our designs are realized as buildings, roads, earthworks, sewers, products, and more. We have a unique opportunity to positively and directly intervene in the eco-crisis. We can deploy ideas that promote ecosystems and encourage biodiversity.

January 19, 2019
10am – 5pm


We imagine forests as spaces for exploration and discovery, spaces for contemplation, spaces where we, as humans, are insignificant. Forests offer nature at her best, thriving with no intervention. When we bring a small fraction of the wild into our urban environment, we look for the benefits of the forest but in a tamed and manicured design. We ask our domesticated urban forests to survive in potted format. Urban forests are part of the life-cycle of the city – they are subject to the lifespan of development rather than their natural lifespan.

At Delisle-St. Clair Parkette, superkül reflects on the role of the urban forest, both as infrastructure offering relief to the urbanity that surrounds them, and as spaces in which we, as animals, can regain our senses of adventure and playfulness. We ask the question – what if this bit of forest wasn’t so contained?

January 18 – 27, 2019

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