DesignTO Talks: Across Land and Water
Jan 21 2024
DesignTO projectevent: talk in-person

Join DesignTO for an engaging presentation and discussion with graphic designer and artist Michèle Guevara and interdisciplinary artist Janet Hinkle, whose projects ‘Water Weavings’ and ‘Shifting Grounds’ explore the relationship between natural and man-made environments. Moderated by DesignTO Programs Assistant Kikki Guerard, this event seeks to inspire and cultivate awareness of nature’s fragility, while creating space for honouring the land and water that surround us.


Michèle Guevara is a graphic designer and artist living and working in Toronto. She studied design in Caracas, Venezuela, but after arriving in Canada developed an artistic career. Michèle has participated in important craft and art shows in Toronto with a unique wearable art collection made with crochet, which can be found in stores across Ontario. Her focus has recently shifted to projects of larger scale, like installations and wall pieces, and to work in collaborations with other artists. She now incorporates weaving into her work and is exploring new technologies like the TC2 Digital Jacquard Loom.

Janet Hinkle is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in both contemporary fine art and craft. With a fondness for mixing juxtaposing materials and a practice rooted in shared histories, she is driven to explore concepts involving identity. Pulling inspiration from both mid-century forms and futuristic design, her work manifests as installation, sculpture, gatherings, time-based media, and both human-food and human-flora interaction. She is also one third of studio.docx, a creative team that presents innovative contemporary art in public spaces to create unique community experiences. In addition to her creative practice, Janet Hinkle coordinates and curates art projects and artist capacity-building programs.



‘DesignTO Talks: Across Land and Water’ is organized by DesignTO, and supported by the Trinity Bellwoods BIA, the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund and Government of Ontario.

DesignTO is a non-profit arts organization that brings people together to design a better future, one that is more sustainable, just, and joyful. We curate exhibitions, presentations and educational programming to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of design.


Michèle Guevara, Janet Hinkle



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Robyn Wilcox
Michèle Guevara. 'Water Weavings I - Clear waters'