ILLUMINATE at Harbourfront Centre
Jan 19
Apr 28 2024
exhibition in-person

Harbourfront Centre presents a series of exhibitions that will brighten up your January.

‘Revisiting Sycorax’, an installation by Charmaine Lurch, shines light on the unseen character Sycorax, the mother of Caliban, in Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Tempest’. ‘On Any Given Day II’, curated by Melanie Egan, debuts four artists-in-residence and ‘Everyday Lighting II’, curated by Senior Designer-in-Residence Kate Tessier, will present works that incorporate delicate and bright illumination.

‘Revisiting Sycorax’ in the BIG Vitrine

‘Revisiting Sycorax’ is a sculpted wire figure that comes out of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, and conjures an errant entrance into a new landscape. She is a supernatural force, formed from an accumulation of twists and coils of wire. Tactile visual forms intertwine race, science, and art to craft a resonant hum; a toned and visceral perspective; a ruckus and audible language. Within her torso, lines, and spirals, reminiscent of DNA strands re-construct a sense of ancestral bodies and a present day resilient female subject.

‘On Any Given Day II’ in the East Vitrines

This exhibition introduces four of our newest artists-in-residence who are bringing fresh outlooks to the fore by creating work that speaks to the complexities of engaging with creative practice on any given day. Their fluency and intent with materials married to strong ideas is emboldened in an environment dedicated to supporting new perspectives that add to the expansive conversation within contemporary craft and design practice.

‘Everyday Lighting II’ in the South Vitrines

Lighting is all around us day and night. It can take many forms and be used for many purposes. This exhibition literally shines with lighting projects created by the curator and artists in the Craft & Design Studio. Using ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and the ingenuity of curator Kate Tessier, the artists challenge pre-established notions of what materials are and what lighting can do. The results are whimsical, poetic and practical.


The opening reception for ‘ILLUMINATE at Harbourfront Centre’ coincides with the DesignTO Launch Party on Friday, January 19, 2024, from 7-11pm. Tickets are required to enter the building during this time.


‘On Any Given Day II’ and ‘Everyday Lighting II’ can be viewed during Harbourfront Centre’s open hours.

‘Revisiting Sycorax’ can be viewed 24/7 from the exterior of the building.


Mariana Bolaños Inclan, Saydee Chandler, Jiho Choi, Steph Cloutier, Bram Locknick, Charmaine Lurch, Charlie Larouche-Potvin, Lauren Rice, Juliana Scherzer, Sasha Shevchenko, Olivia Mae Sinclair, Moraa Stump, Mohammed Tabesh, Katharine Tessier, Sydni Weatherson, Clio Windust, Mel Wright, Harbourfront Centre, Melanie Egan, Marie Jordaan, Marlee Choo, Luigi Discenza


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REVISITING SYCORAX. Charmaine Lurch. 'Sycorax Scene II', 2020. Acrylic and wire on canvas. Photo by Toni Hafkensheid.
ON ANY GIVEN DAY II. Mariana Bolaños Inclan - 'Seres del Mais', 2023. Stoneware with slips and sand. Photo by Mariana Bolaños Inclan.
ON ANY GIVEN DAY II. Sasha Shevchenko. 'Twice Bound Bottles', 2022. Mixed media. Photo courtesy of the artist.
ON ANY GIVEN DAY II. Jiho Choi, 'Claudine,' 2022. Sterling silver and blue cubic zirconia. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Blown glass goblets
ON ANY GIVEN DAY II. Charlie Larouche-Potvin. 'Dragon Goblets'. Blown glass.