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Northern Radiance

‘Northern Radiance’ is a parametric art installation by Asli Alin in which both mirrored and iridescent colour effect surfaces…

2033: An Optimistic Future

A place to experience everyday life in an optimistic future. Set in the year 2033, Mason Studio, Goodee, along…


Tucked into the lobby of 30 St. Clair West is an art installation, a whimsical haven and a welcome…

Divining (A Long Story V)

Divining (A Long Story V) is a new evolution of Lauren A. Pirie’s ‘A Long Story’ series of illuminated…

Marked Figures

‘Marked Figures’ explore the fluid definition and role of  “the line” in regards to the identity of a South…

Building with Light

‘Building with Light’ is a discussion that explores the ways in which architects, artists and designers use lighting to…

Siliceous Earth

‘Siliceous Earth’ is a collection of blown lidded glass vessels that are fondly referred to as “Earth Jars.” This…


Alongside is the continuation of process-based work stemming from a more traditional painting practice. Moved to focus on the…


“Can we speak in flowers, it will be easier for me to understand.” – Unknown A modern graphic distillation…

Deep Blue

“There is something profoundly personal and intimate about Blue, like an affectionate secret despite its vastness. The right hue…

Pandemic time

‘Pandemic time; is an installation presented by Michèle Guevara, a work created in the span of two years during…