Front of House

Festival Features are back for DesignTO 2020! This shortlist of 24 events, exhibitions, and/or window installations has been selected by a jury.

About the jury

This year’s jury includes Joel Karamath (Course Leader, Interaction Design Arts, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London), Camille Mitchell (Community Leader and Architect,  Gensler), and Philip Ocampo (Artist, Arts Facilitator and Programming Coordinator, Xpace Cultural Centre).

Joel Karamath

My final selection really drew upon my great interest in social design and the possibility of design to make the world a better place. As a result this made it easier for me to omit some really good individual pieces/displays that I really liked, in favour of event/exhibition oriented works that were themed. I also tried to any tech bias and looked at what the project trying to say through the given medium.

Camille Mitchell

When making my selections, I was attracted to exhibitions or events that were challenging our perception of accepted norms and proposing solutions. I was also interested in platforms that integrated technology in unique ways.

Philip Ocampo

Criteria-wise, I was thinking about the types of conversations around design that were happening, diversity, and which projects could really benefit from the spotlight.

This year’s Festival Features include a wide range of mediums and styles and were created by a diverse group of artists and designers. Explore the entire list below.

(AI) – Aesthete’s Items
100 Vases
A Long Story II, by Lauren Pirie
Can’t Say Nothing (Lorem Ipsum, Moving Patterns)
Delirious Facade
Design For Health, Wellness, Aging and Inclusion
Exoteric Design: Material as Mentor
Fantasy Foliage
Front of House
Holographic Screen by DPo Architecture
Key to Type
Lower Dream State
Meditation in Concrete II
Off Course
Peak Furnishings: Colour, Lights, Cabinetry
re:LOCATION // an offsite OCADU design course in Regent Park
Still Life, Life Still
The Garden of Secrets: The Future of Sustainable Design
TRANSITioning Mount Dennis
Women That Make, Create and Innovate
You’re So Lucky!

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