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Octet Truss w/ Snake

There is a reasonably common practice of testing trusses and other geodesic shapes by connecting a series of bugle…

Northern Radiance

‘Northern Radiance’ is a parametric art installation by Asli Alin in which both mirrored and iridescent colour effect surfaces…

Divining (A Long Story V)

Divining (A Long Story V) is a new evolution of Lauren A. Pirie’s ‘A Long Story’ series of illuminated…

Marked Figures

‘Marked Figures’ explore the fluid definition and role of  “the line” in regards to the identity of a South…

DesignTO Youth: Blueprint

‘Blueprint’ is a group exhibition featuring 10 young artists and designers. Inspired by a DesignTO Youth six-week residency program,…

External Influences

A partial exhibition of fibre based sculptures by Charlotte Blake created during the pandemic and successive lockdowns. ‘External Influences’…

Redacted City

With the swipe of a marker, sweep of a paint brush or twirl of a screwdriver, words are easily…


Alongside is the continuation of process-based work stemming from a more traditional painting practice. Moved to focus on the…


‘Mémoire’ is a collaborative project between wood artist Andreas Krätschmer, visual artist Tania Love and poet Paul Ruban. The…