Make the Invisible Visible: A BMD Data Visualization Hackathon
Jan 26 2023
event: workshop in-person

Join the Bruce Mau Design (BMD) team for a hands-on, computer-free, cut-and-paste workshop for designers, visual thinkers, diagrammers and doodlers. Participate in a data visualization hackathon where we turn complex climate-related statements into visuals in order to explore how visuals can facilitate different ways of seeing by transforming the way data is communicated and processed.

Optional: share your work. Participants will have the opportunity to leverage BMD’s social media platforms to broadcast and share the ideas generated from the workshop.

DesignTO x KEDD

‘Make the Invisible Visible: A BMD Data Visualization Hackathon’ is one of 10 projects in the King East Design District (located in Old Town Toronto), a neighbourhood running along King Street East, from Church Street to Parliament Street. During the DesignTO Festival, you are invited to visit exhibitions, workshops and talks hosted in the showrooms of select local businesses.

On Friday, January 27, join us for King East Design District Party presented by DesignTO, a roaming neighbourhood party anchored by five Party Hubs. The KEDD Party is a must-attend bash, bringing together hundreds of designers and design-lovers.


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Grayson Morrow
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